Advanced Bandsaw Techniques

Sponsored by Rikon Tools

Most shops have a bandsaw, but they frequently don’t get the chance to show off their many capabilities. In our new six-part weekly video series, Advanced Bandsaw Techniques, Scott Phillips (host of The American Woodshop) and PopWood’s David Lyell take a look at what bandsaws can do for you. They’ll take you through some basic setup steps, show you how to make a bandsawn box, how to cut a cabriole leg, the steps for cutting through dovetails on the bandsaw, share some advice on resawing and talk about using bandsaws for working with wood of a size that your table saw just can’t handle. Join us for this series (sponsored by Rikon) on getting more from your bandsaw.





Episode 1: Before You Start: Guides & Blade Setup

Scott takes a little time to show some of the very important steps to getting your bandsaw ready to perform: adjusting the guides to properly support and guide the blade; and setting up the blade itself for the best possible cut.


Episode 2: Projects on the Bandsaw: Making a Bandsawn Box

Scott teaches David the skills of cutting a bandsawn box – one of the most rewarding and entertaining ways to showcase the versatility of a bandsaw. It’s not just about following the lines, you need to anticipate the turns and not be afraid to push the blade a bit.

Episode 3: Compound Cuts: Making a Cabriole Leg

Compound cuts on the bandsaw are like magic until you slow down and see all the steps. Making a cabriole leg is one of the classic bandsaw compound cuts, and Scott and David work through the steps (and tricks) to doing it well!


Episode 4: Joinery: Through Dovetails on the Bandsaw

Scott steals some of the thunder from hand tools by showing how to simplify the process of cutting through dovetails on the bandsaw – but don’t worry, there’s still some handwork involved.

Episode 5: Ensuring Straight Cuts & Resawing on the Bandsaw

Table saws are great, but there are just some things they can’t do. Resawing is one of the biggies. Slicing a thin, accurate piece of wood on a 15″-thick piece of wood is the pure domain of the bandsaw. Watch Scott and David go resaw-happy on the bandsaw.

Episode 6: Large Capacity Work: Breaking Down Big Pieces

And speaking of capacity, how about turning your bandsaw into a mini-woodmill? And sometimes you just need to section a large limb or stump for some quality bowl blanks. Once again the bandsaw is your best friend!


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