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woodworker interviewsToday, I was coding the “Great Woodshops” article on Jeff Miller that Christopher Schwarz wrote for our February 2012 issue, and I categorized it in our back end under “interviews.” (It’s an online extra to go with Jeff’s February 2014 article…yes, I’m a little late on getting that done.)

On the front end, when I went to view the post to make sure I didn’t screw up any paragraphs returns or what have you (it happens), I realized it’s kind of difficult to find the “interviews” category – unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. (And note that some of them aren’t actually interviews, per se – but they are all articles about a specific maker, shop or school.)

Right now, we have 10 articles in that category – features about some of the most interesting and talented woodworkers working today, and some who are no longer with us.

In the coming months, I’ll be adding as many as I can of our older “Great Woodshops” and features articles on shops and makers (the ones for which we have digital images available, anyway), so that you can read them here, free.

But there’s no sense in doing that if you can’t find them – so here’s the link to the category: And I’ll work with our eMedia team to get a drop-down link under the home page menu, too.

Check back often – next up, one of my favorite pieces I’ve written for PMW – not because the article is great, but because I was so very excited to meet the subject: Guy Clark – one of my favorite musicians (he makes guitars in his spare time). I was more than a little starstruck.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • Frank

    Thanks for the reply!
    I’m not talking about the Blog page (like the one I am replying on now),
    I am talking about the Home page that lists a variety of Blogs to choose from.
    That way I would have both the Blog title and the author to help me decide which
    to read next.
    Hope you don’t get tired of good words – but I think both you and PW are doing
    a great job.
    Thanks again,

  • Frank

    Like the new home page – but.
    Please identify the author of each blog and article shown.
    Thanks for listening (reading?).
    Frank Ford

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