Cut Flat Dados on a Round Surface

I needed to cut stopped grooves on a round surface – and while I could have cut them on the stock while it was square, then proceed to turn it on the lathe, I didn’t want to worry about catching [...]

Router Plane Auxiliary Base

I had a project on which I needed to rout out a large area about 3⁄8” deep. It was a wooden case for a Nook reader, and the eReader had to fit into the excavation. I had …

Wooden Router Plane

The modern router didn’t arrive on the scene fully evolved; it descended from a hand-powered tool called the router plane. A quick glance at the router plane’s handles – and the tasks [...]

Two Dados, Two Ways

This week I was in the shop working on an upcoming magazine article. On the case back there are two dados that locate and hold the drawer dividers of the project. For me, that generally means I [...]

New Closed-throat Routers from Lie-Nielsen

In the great battle to make the best router plane (what, you weren’t aware of the war?), Lie-Nielsen has raised the stakes by introducing two new closed-throat routers. For those of you who don’t [...]


It’s so darn cute that I can’t come up with anything intelligent to say. This weekend, I’ll touch up the blade on this Veritas miniature router plane and try it out – but [...]

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