Dutch Tool Chests from Our Readers

In the October 2013 issue, you’ll find plans for Christopher Schwarz’s “Dutch Tool Chest” – a handy-sized container for taking your tools on the road (one person can lift it) or for storing them in the shop.

In case you’re not already familiar with the form, check out Chris’ “Details on Dutch Tool Chests” post for a video tour and some Q&A.

But here, I’m featuring not Chris’ chest, but yours – I know a lot of you have built this chest. And I know some of you have built it with some nifty modifications that I want to share with other readers. So I asked on Instagram last week for your images – below are the ones I received. (I’d love to keep adding – send me your jpgs! )

Andrew Grasberger

dutch tool chest Grasberger

Marylin Guthrie

dutch tool chest guthrie 1

dutch tool chest guthrie 2

Ryan Rotar


dutch tool chest rotar 2

dutch tool chest rotar 2

Tom O’Brien

dutch tool chest OBrien 1

dutch tool chest OBrien 2

Mark Glass

dutch tool chest glass 1

dutch tool chest glass 2

Dilan Arnold

dutch tool chest arnod 1

dutch tool chest arnold 2

dutch tool chest arnold 3

James Greifzu

dutch tool chest Greifzu 1

dutch tool chest Greifzu 2


Derrick Russ


Andrew Eikum

2 thoughts on “Dutch Tool Chests from Our Readers

  1. pmac

    Hi Megan, Love the pics.
    FYI. (Something unrelated but important ) I clicked on the Instagram link mentioned above. Scrolled through and saw the post about Carving a 17th century Chest by Peter F. for the June 2009 issue. Thought, I’d see if the back issue was available and (here’s the important part) the link to ShopWoodworking is missing. ( It might still be there and is hidden by a frame but I don’t see it anywhere. ). I’m on an iPad mini. Not sure if it is just me, but I thought you might want to let the tech guys know. Have a great weekend.

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